About the St Dominic’s Library

The St Dominic’s College Library is full to the brim with books on all sorts of interesting topics, as well as lots of novels that students can borrow. All students are entitled to borrow three books at a time: all they need to do is bring the library book, along with their school swipe card to the Librarian’s desk. They can borrow three books for two weeks at a time. Books can be returned at the desk or by dropping them into the Returns Box next to the desk at any time.

The Library is divided into the following subjects: General & Reference, Philosophy & Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences, Languages, Science & Maths, Applied Sciences & Technology, The Arts, Literature, and, History & Geography. As well as these sections, we have a large reading area where we have our Fiction section. These books are organised alphabetically by authors’ surnames. We also have a New Books section, a Manga section and Classic Literature, as well as temporary displays from time to time.

How are the books organised (click for more information)?

Ms Dickson, the School Librarian, is here to help your find your next book to read as well as to answer any questions you might have about reading, research, finding resources for homework and projects or to help you find any other information or online resources.


The Librarian is present:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
  • 8.30am-1.40pm

If you want to borrow a book at lunch time, simply ask whoever is supervising your lunch area if you can visit the Library. You will be able to check out a book from Ms Dickson or from one of the Library Prefects.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Here are our Library Prefects and Library Monitors for 2018

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