About the St Dominic’s Library

Opening hours (2)

Here are a few more things you need to know about the library:

  • Your school swipe card is also your library card. Use it when you borrow books.
  • You can borrow three books at a time.
  • You can borrow books for two weeks; if you would like to keep them for longer, you can renew them twice with the librarian.
  • You check out books at the librarian’s desk.
  • During class time, the library is a quiet zone. Some talking is allowed outside of class time, depending onwhat activities are taking place.
  • There is no eating in the library. If you need to come to the library at lunch time, eat your lunch first.

Ms Dickson is the School Librarian. You can ask her questions about reading, research, and how to find books and information. If there’s a book you think we should get in, let her know!

This year’s library prefects are Ana, Blessing, Emma, Kiann and Kornelija. They are in the library during lunchtimes. They can help with library questions too.

How are the books organised (click for more information)?